Asia Power Week conference sessions provide the highest level of quality in technical content. Featuring a peer-reviewed programme specifically designed to provide the latest in technologies, trends and market updates, this exceptional programme provides delegates with important, need-to-know information. The following describes in summary the issues and topics being covered in the conference streams. The Preliminary Conference Programme will be available shortly.



Understanding the policy direction and drivers in Asia’s most active power markets is an essential prerequisite for all those investing or supplying goods or services in the region. Handpicked presentations will give you the inside track and reveal some interesting trends in the region.  

Market Trends

Fuel Trends

Project Issues

• Global & regional power market trends
• Meeting growth in power demand
• Country profiles: power policy,
  forecasts & planning
• Regulatory issues: tariffs and pricing
• Security of supply
• Market structures
• Privatization developments
• Independent power producer models
• Environmental policy drivers
• Renewables integration
• Energy efficiency initiatives
• Climate policy
• Carbon trading

• Fuel mix trends
• Security of fuel supply
• Pricing and markets
• Nuclear power developments
• LNG/Unconventional gas
• Renewables in the energy mix
• Interconnections


• Project planning
• Contract and legal issues
• Asset management
• Trends in suppliers, contracting,
  consulting or commodities
• Project risk management and asset
• Skills resource, training & development
• Notable project case studies – lessons
• Emerging trends
• OEM and EPC trends




Always a top of mind topic for a power sector which is looking to attract infrastructure investment in this growth region. Current experience and structuring options will be explored. All sessionS will feature short presentation from the invited specialists, following by a moderated panel debate to answer the question of where the money is coming from.




• Power project financing & capital markets
• Carbon markets & finance
• Liquidity analysis
• Sources of debt financing
• Clean energy funding
• Accessing equity capital
• Markets & financing
• Overcoming finance barriers
• Islamic finance
• Multi-lateral funding

• Investment opportunities
• Mergers and acquisition activity
• Power trading & markets
• Financial country spotlights
• Managing risk
• Attracting domestic & foreign investment
• Political risk



Learn the latest thinking in power technologies in both large centralised plants and in distributed generation.  The sessions will feature all major gas turbines and combined cycle developments including their capabilities for flexible generation.  Emissions reduction solutions are examined along with advancements in clean coal technology.

Gas Turbines

Steam plant

Other generation tech

• Gas turbine technology
• Combined cycle technology
• GT plant case studies
• Power augmentation
• Fuel flexibility
• Operational flexibility

Emissions Control

• Emissions control technologies
• Combustion control
• Decarbonization technologies
• Carbon capture & storage

• Steam plant technology
• Boilers and HRSGs
• CFB technology
• Supercritical & USC steam
• Coal co-firing
• Water steam cycle
• Coal handling/management


• Reciprocating engines
• Microturbines
• Fuel cells
• Waste to energy
• Hybrid power technologies
• Nuclear power technologies







One word that is about to transform the energy landscape – Digitalization. Learn about its transformative impact on all parts of the electricity sector, empowering customers and providing the building blocks of the energy internet. Learn about the emerging energy cloud, the opportunities that the internet of things offers and the need to manage the risks of cyber intrusions.

The Energy Cloud

Internet of things

Safety and security

• Industrial internet
• Big data handling
• Extended customer information services
• Smart meter and grid capabilities
• Mobile computing
• Mobile apps
• Context-rich systems
• Cloud computing
• Web scale IT
• New business models
• Organizational transformation
• Peer to peer trading

• Impact on power plants operation
• Impact on transmission &
  distribution systems
• Impact on operators’ skills
• Development of integrated sensors
• System compatibilities


• Cyber security systems
• Control systems protection
• Network protection
• Threat analysis
• Security protocols
• Component screening
• System testing methodologies




Whether it is through modernization or upgrades or improved asset management and monitoring, plant owners are under ever increasing pressure to achieve maximum efficiency in operation. This theme reveals the pick of technologies and most noted examples that can transform availability and make vital improvement on returns.

Operation & Optimization

Monitoring & Control

Upgrades and refurbishments

• Plant operating experiences
• Maintenance strategies
• Servicing, inspection and outage
• Fleet management and performance
• Generator repair & service
• Water treatment and management
• Parts quality & reverse engineering
• Environmental performance optimization
• O&M case studies

• Automation & monitoring
• Control and electrical systems
• Diagnostics, condition monitoring
  and optimization
• Simulation & training
• Digital control and monitoring


• Refurbishment, repowering and life
• Improving prime mover economics
• Boiler upgrades




A group of sessions which combines topics central to a transforming power generation and delivery sector.  Now is the time to get up to speed on decentralised energy developments, how energy storage is already impacting the industry and the solutions that are being deployed to manage increased intermittent generation.


Energy storage

Distributed generation

• Integrating intermittent renewables
• Energy integration strategies and policies
• Balancing supply/demand
• Operational flexibility
• Grid integration
• Grid connection rules
• Emergence of the prosumer
• Changing role for baseload generation
• Hybrid power plants
• Replacing aging infrastructure
• Fostering research & development
• Smart grid
• Interconnections and supergrids
• Energy efficiency initiatives
• Grid inertia – system stability & reliability
• Information and operational technology
  (smart grid)
• Virtual power plants
• Demand side management

• Policy & regulation
• Storage technologies
• Storage case studies
• Modelling
• Role of pumped storage
• EV storage and integration


• Cogeneration/CHP
• Urban energy solutions
• On-site power
• Influence of distributed generation on
  the grid
• Rural electrification
• Prosumers
• Microgrids
• Distribution system developments




Renewable energy now accounts for the majority of worldwide power investment but how will this play out in Asia and what impact will it have on market design? These issues will be tackled by leading experts, along with an analysis of opportunities in renewable energy financing.










• Renewable energy policy & strategy
• Regulatory issues
• Renewables energy mix
• Utility renewables strategies
• Renewable energy certificate initiatives
• Building a domestic manufacturing industry
• Achieving grid parity
• Risk management, insurance, acquiring
  RE projects
• Incentives for renewables
• Rural electrification utilizing renewable
• Addressing the skills shortage
• Realistic pricing/tariffs
• Electric vehicles, fleet management and    
• Biofuel supply chain issues

• Hydroelectric power
• Offshore wind
• Onshore wind
• Forecasting of wind power
• Solar photovoltaics
• Concentrating solar photovoltaics
• Concentrating solar thermal
• Solar thermal heating and cooling
• Geothermal power and heat engines
• Biomass/biogas/bioliquids
• Hybrid power plants, (solar CCGT & solar coal, solar PV and thermal)
• On-site renewables and building integration
• Operations and maintenance
• Improving forecasting, remote monitoring and systems management
• New and emerging renewables
• Site & resource assessment
• Life extension/repowering/ renovation/operations and maintenance