Date: Thursday 21 September | Time: 09:00-12:30 | Location:  Room Nile 4



Energy storage has long been viewed as the missing link that could enable economies to increase the role of renewable energy as a dependable power source. As battery costs continue to fall, we have seen a growing number of commercial energy storage applications come on line around the world and a new era of commercial-scale storage may be up on us. However, there are a wide range of different energy storage applications, the viability of which is highly dependent upon local conditions including costs, market structure, regulatory regime and fuel supply.


The Energy Storage Investment Analysis 101 Workshop is designed to provide a deep and practical understanding of commercial and investment analysis with regard to battery-based energy storage applications in select Asian markets. The objective is to enable participants to gain the knowledge and capabilities to understand and make investment decisions regarding potential projects. While battery technologies and larger market-level issues will be touched on, there are not core components of the workshop.

This will be the third year that AWR Lloyd has held a “101” workshop focused on investment decision-making at POWER-GEN Asia. As in previous years, the workshop will feature an integrated set of lecture slides and a structured break out session, which is the heart of the event. For the break-out session the audience will be divided into groups who will play the role of a provider of analyst team at a large investment fund tasked with making a recommendation to the fund’s investment committee. Groups will be provided with an investment case description, a final model and other information required to simulate an actual investment review process.

The Workshop is targeted at a mixed audience of 20-30 people of diverse backgrounds that want to be able to perform key roles and tasks related to planning, financing and developing energy storage projects in Asia. The workshop is targeted at participants with some basic exposure to project analysis and power sector applications. However, the focus is on practical skills development and should be equally useful for those with more or less experience.

Participants will have the opportunity to select the type of application that they would like to work on. These are likely to include:

• Centrally located integrated RE power generation and storage projects
• Distributed integrated RE and storage projects
• Behind the meter applications of batteries


Please register to attend the conference online and then contact Samantha Malcolm, Senior Conference Manager, on in order to secure a place at this Workshop. Space is limited.

Photos from our 2016 Workshop with AWR Lloyd